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Everything in life requires algorithms. The steps and procedures necessary for a final product are the algorithms. To design a better program, algorithms are required. In the implementation phase, programs are required. By searching the internet, you can come up with many definitions that may confuse you. A computer does what it is supposed to do and unlike humans, they are error-free. The computer in assistance with algorithms does all that it is instructed to do. The ethical consideration in doing algorithms is that humans will no longer be making decisions for us. Computers are taking over the world; algorithms are taking all the jobs. We however must not be frightened by them but use them in the best way possible. They all have to be resourceful. Algorithms are remarkably simple for data goes in, follows some instructions and the result comes out. In some parts of the world, algorithms are used in the criminal justice system in social care and credit checks. Machines are making decisions that directly affect our human lives.

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