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There is strong evidence that today’s students want courses to be applied and have practical relevance. Organizations also want their new managers to have the ability to apply knowledge. The role of modern managers also continues to change requiring today’s organizational leaders to deal with increasingly dynamic and complex environments. This course is destined to teach you the crucial human resource concepts, to help a student develop the ability to apply HRM functions and concepts through critical thinking, and to develop one’s human resource skills in your personal and professional life. Human resource issues are emerging as some of the most prominent concerns for business owners and managers. A key item of rethinking management is the fact that there are much greater competition and an external environment that requires much higher rates of change that creates an absolute requirement to be more adaptable and productive as an organization. As a result, human resource management, as well as operational managers, have been forces to think in more strategic terms about how their organizations can win against their competitors by utilizing their human resources.

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