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We are all on the web of society today. The interaction we have with computers in our daily lives has grown dramatically over the last few years. The young generation leads the graph of computer connectivity. Information technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. Even if one does not intend to be part of the I.T industry, having a basic knowledge of information systems and information technology will help one become an informed user. Informed users make better choices and become more valuable to the company. If you are intending to become part of the I.T industry, there are currently many career opportunities for a wide variety of jobs. In fact, many areas of the world are facing a shortage of qualified to fill I.T jobs. Having a basic understanding of information technology is a critical step in becoming an I.T worker. Projects and operations also require basic information technology to become a team member. The internet, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are what the current generation is growing up with. They have developed a lifestyle around technology. All this is causing a large domain for information technology developers and programmers.

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