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The beauty of a law degree is its versatility. This is that course that easily allows you to prosper since it has its many doors open. Law is a course that teaches its learners how to think. It teaches one to be a critical thinker and analyze things from different perspectives and be smarter. Many students take this course intending to impact the community positively. Those around you are the reason for your resolution to taking law in many cases. The law matters even internationally. Law is the root of justice and peace and we need it because, without rules in society, things tend to fall apart. There has to be law, courts, and independent judges for running society. Law is about fairness and about maintaining the standards of the community in the courtroom. Judges should understand the reality of the world outside and lawyers should also follow suit. Doing a law degree means you are trained to think in logical ways and know how to research. The very training of law can train you to other aspects in life and become a better citizen in the society.

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