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MATLAB is important for fast and cheap simulations. It is certainly better and faster than designing computational models. MATLAB is good for proving a concept model to test an idea before you build a detailed computational model. Deep learning continues to gain popularity extending to nearly every application. However, it is a challenging task to go from a deep learning model to a real-driven AI system. MATLAB has interactive deep learning apps for lab ling these include; signal data, audio data, images, and video. Often people underestimate the amount of time needed to label data. The apps that help automate the process can get you to training models and seeing results quickly.  MATLAB can help with generating synthetic data when you do not have enough data for the right scenarios. In the case of automated driving, you can open scenarios, simulate the app of different sensors using a 3D simulation environment. In radar and communications, these include generating data for a way for imagination identification and target classification applications.

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