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Some people say it is hard, other people say you have to study it if you want to be an engineer or a doctor. This is physics. Physics is way simpler than you may think. Nature and how nature works is all that makes up physics. You will study energy, force, light, and movement. You look at the way matter moves through space and time and how things like energy and force affect that movement. Physics attempts to simply explain how the universe behaves. Studying physics is studying the fundamental laws of the universe like why don’t we float on the air, or why do our hands look different when we put them underwater? Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines. Nearly every civilization had some form of physics. It is the way that we scientifically understand the world. Both chemistry and biology rely on the laws of physics to perform calculations. Cell phones and computers were invented following the laws of physics that study electricity and many more other fields. Do you have the desire to bring changes to the world using physics and you have it hard attending your classes? We have a solution for you.

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