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Psychology is in pretty much all that we do so as humans, we need to understand that psychology is the study of human behavior. It is the study of humans in every aspect; it helps us think about other people’s perspectives. It helps in thinking of how others make decisions from their background. Psychology is foundered in the scientific method and as students learn the scientific methods well, and can apply that methodology to other issues facing the world. Curiosity to human development can also draw one closer to psychological studies.  There are divergent areas of expertise in psychology. For instance, one can decide to take up forensic psychology and law and here you look at issues that are relevant in a legal system an example is police interrogations and false confessions. Humans are diverse, our societies are diverse, our problems are diverse, and so are our solutions too. This is a huge area of research and so is the study area and not to mention are the job opportunities with psychology. What could be more interesting than the study of human behavior?

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