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Statistics is the science of learning from data. It is the science of collecting data, organizing, and summarizing information as well as analyzing information to draw conclusions or answer questions. Data and are everywhere; on the internet, social media, phone apps, news, ads, weather forecast,  medical studies, sports, public transport, and many more. Data can also be turned into value and that is what a lot of companies are doing. For example, Netflix makes payments based on customer behavior patterns. Match.com can easily predict the likely hood of attractions between people based on individual profiles. In the healthcare industry, scientists are pushing the boundaries in health monitory collecting data procreation which leads to personalized treatment. It is an exciting time to be in this data-driven world. Statistics is intertwined with very many majors such as journalism, marketing, law, linguistics, food science, medicine, and you can name them. Statistics are very useful in many fields. With good grades in statistics, your resume can easily stand out and earn you a place in the table of top jobs. Statistics have always been in demand across all industries. News has it that statistics has stood out to be the most in-demand skill since 2014.

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