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Why is that trigonometry is everywhere? In projectile motion, rotational dynamics, translational dynamics, and in physics, for instance, they are everywhere and are just ratios of the triangles. More often than not, they are ratios of right-angled triangles. Right-angled triangles have very amazing properties that the ratios of the sides always remain the same regardless of the size. The ratios always remain the same for the special angles. The hypotenuse, perpendicular, and the base are the sides of a right-angled triangle. All the physics is based on position and coordinates are located using trigonometry. Without trigonometry, the locations of coordinates can be difficult. Trigonometry may not have its direct application in solving direct issues in many cases but it is applied in various things in our daily life indirectly. In computers, for instance, computers are designed to interpret graphical representations of music as sound waves to understand music. To create desired sound effects, engineers make use of trig functions. There are many more other fields that trigonometry is brought to practice and hence its importance of the study.

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